I have been involved in photography for 45 years or so.  I started with a Retina Reflex S (one of the first SLRs made) that my brother purchased in Germany in 1960 and loaned to me when I went into the Air Force in 1971.  I learned to shoot with an external light meter, manual focus and fixed (prime) lenses. It made for a very good primer in photography.

Once out of the service, I found I couldn't afford to keep shooting, and the shutter on the Retina finally gave up after three rebuilds (the desert is a tough environment for a camera).   I started shooting digital in 2006, rapidly progressing from point and shoots to a digital SLR (my beloved Canon 20D).  I eventually upgraded to a Canon 50D, which is what I use now.  Over time, I acquired a rather nice system of lenses and accessories.

My primary interests have always been nature in general, landscapes and macro/close up in particular.  I now shoot pretty much anything that interests me. I took assignments as a freelance photographer for the local newspaper (my "professional" work - they actually paid me!).  I look for and try to capture the beauty I find in everyday life. I believe in capturing the image in the camera as much as possible. I rarely use post processing programs to do much to alter  my work (I can, but don't like it). At some point, it no longer is photography, but rather is "digital art."

Sometimes the camera doesn't come out of the bag for a few months, but I still see the world as though I were looking to shoot it.  I lived in West Virginia, a nature photographers dream, for ten years and retired to Aiken in 2010.  It has taken some time to discover the beauty of South Carolina, but I'm now shooting regularly again.

I love to share my work and all images on the site are available as prints on various types of paper and as giclee on canvas.  I'm really not in this for the money (I am not a "professional"), so prices are very reasonable. I will also consider providing the image file for use.  Please contact me (email is james.knudsen@att.net - or phone - 803-643-9490) to discuss interest and requirements for any of the images here (please use gallery name image description or file name).

I am a member of the Carolina Nature Photographer Association and  the Aiken Artist Guild. I have won or placed in numerous shows, had exhibits in West Virginia and here in Aiken have had several images published.

Please take some time and browse my work. Visit the galleries, the slideshow on the homepage is just a sample.  I appreciate and welcome all comments, so please stop by my guestbook and let me know what you think of all this.


Thanks again for visiting


Jamie Knudsen